Narrow Vein Mining Conference 2018

Perth, 13 & 14 September


Conference themes

Many historical narrow vein mineral fields are being re-evaluated or redeveloped globally. Due to a lack of discovery of world-class deposits, smaller operations are now more likely to gain importance in the global industry. The skills and expertise required to operate these resources are arguably highly specialised and relatively rare.

This conference will bring together all involved in narrow vein mining, including geologists, mining and geotechnical engineers, and metallurgists. The future of narrow vein mining depends upon skilled professionals and on developing practical, flexible and innovative methods for orebody definition, mining and processing.

  • Geological aspects of narrow vein orebodies
  • Resource and reserve estimation
  • Modelling, monitoring and controlling dilution
  • Best practices in mining
  • Bulk or selective mining methods
  • Geotechnical challenges
  • Managing narrow vein operations
  • Re-evaluation and re-opening old mines
  • Achieving sustainable operations
  • Environmental aspects of narrow vein operations
  • Health and safety issues
  • Mineral processing – from core to brick
  • Operational case studies
  • Geology and exploration of narrow vein orebodies

Sponsorship opportunities are available